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The Lord Your Healer: 

Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch by Paul J. Bucknell

Newest! The Lord Your Healer

Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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The Bible Teaching Commentary on Genesis: The Book of Foundations

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Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God


About Biblical Foundations for Freedom (BFF)

Learning about the BFF website

The Bucknell family

Bucknells in 2003

Learn more about our family and the founding of BFF!

Biblical Foundations for Freedom enables people to share the glory of the children of God. This is why Jesus came. Most Christians never know about that glory as they wander about in the world. They are ensnared, usually unknowingly. God's Word can free them!

We have provided a website of free Christian training materials. This is possible by an amazing flow of God's grace. God wonderfully cares for our family and enables us to give to others (see biography). Enjoy!

Besides providing these web materials, we also hold training seminars and consultant services around the world. If you have a question or comment, give me (Paul) an e-mail! (see the bottom)

Deep Appreciation to the Lord

God has mightily provided for this ministry.

The Vision. This BFF ministry started from dust. God was gracious enough to provide the vision for this ministry from the very start in 2000.BFF BrochureThe Lord has constantly guided this ministry with the initial vision for this ministry. At that time we had no idea on even how to write a web page. (BFF e-Brochure pdf

The Help. Our appreciation of God's grace grows deeper each day. He pours out more and more ideas. Whenever I sit to write, I never need to stop for a moment deliberating over what to write. The problem is that I always have too much to write. This is even more amazing for a person who hated writing in high school.

The Wisdom. God keeps leading us deeper in the understanding of His marvelous ways. BFF's ministry serves as a moral apologetic. We prove God's power by simply observing how the truth of His Word works in people's lives. Obey and you will be blessed! He is the source for all this insight, and we openly give Him praise and adoration!

Using BFF Free Materials

God has given freely and so we pass on freely. We encourage you to use, adapt and pass on the materials found on Biblical Foundations for Freedom websites.

Many great truths have been locked up in dusty books for far too long. Even if one had invested in a large library, one's insights are difficult to integrate into one's own notes. BFF's materials, however, can e printed out or in stored in electronic form ready for your preferred use (visit the BFF Resource Center).

BFF's materials include images, ideas, slides, books, handouts, audios, and videos. You are free to use them in God-honoring ways, just so it is not for profit. The BFF ministry is aided by your purchases of our material. We, however, want you to be able to have the freedom as a church or small ministry to print out the materials you need. For example, take a series, adapt or translate it, and print it out. If you are a larger ministry, please first contact us regarding printing our materials or mass copying (more than 30) our electronic media.

Please feel free to use extended quotes from BFF materials on other web sites, but if it is the page's content, where you are able, please link back to our page.

As an extension of God's grace, we specialize in making the teaching and application of God's Word readily available to all. We hope that you not only use but improve what you find here. Take the best parts and form your own collection. It's proper at times to provide a link of your source material. This is appreciated.

As a web site, we are desirous of letting more people know about the helpful and free materials on this website. You do us a favor when you link to us, mention us in your blogs, or just let other friends know.

We now have seven English Digital Libraries that include our library of media-enriched materials. Each is presently on sale. In these collections we have all the audios/videos,books, etc. The website is limited compared to the websites. Consider these libraries as the teacher's prized resource, not in the inconvenient webpage format but pdfs, mp3s, etc.

While the content of many articles is online, the pdf, pptx, etc. formats often are not. With these resources, you have all our books right in one spot. Click the above links and you will quickly discover the great many of quality materials available at a greatly discounted price.

You can put all of this right on your own computer for fast reading, printing or pass it along to a friend! (We, for example, told an inquiring seminary professor he could freely use these Roman study questions in his seminary classes. He politely linked BFF's web address.)

Bible versions

We prefer using the New American Standard Bible (NASB). The NASB excels in providing a reliable literal English translation of the Bible for study. This translation provides less interpretation of the text than other Bible versions. This makes it a good study Bible.

Other versions have their good and bad points. We should be grateful for the many available Bible versions in the English language. Many groups of people across this globe only have one version or no Bible at all! Check out the NASB (Lockman Foundation) web site. We have a whole series describing the Bible the Word of God including choosing Bible versions.

Caring is not professional counseling

Our hope for you is that through reading our material God's mighty Word and Spirit greatly impact your life.

We pray that the concepts in His Word will come alive in your lives and churches even as it does in ours. His Holy Spirit is like water which softens the hard grain kernel and enable a sprout to come forth. However, we are not and do not care to be known as professional state-recognized counselors.

We instead are those who live out and proclaim God's excellent truth. Our end hope is that we all more deeply experience God's wonderful grace and blessing and so produce righteous and godly lives (cf. Deuteronomy 28). Our response to experiencing the love and power of the LORD in our lives is to testify of Him and His amazing grace to others (Psalm 51:13-15).

Use the BFF logo to link your web page to BFF!

Biblical Foundations for Freedom

We appreciate any suggestions, advice, prayer, encouragement and support you can give us at Biblical Foundations for Freedom!

Moving our generation's heart and mind closer to God!


Scriptures typically quoted from the New American Standard Bible unless noted: (C) Copyright The Lockman Foundation 1988

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