Genesis: The Book of Foundations


The Book of Foundations

Paul J. Bucknell

Introduction to Genesis: The Book of Foundations

A great help to enriching your teaching in Genesis or your own personal growth. - Just expanded!

Genesis: The Book of Foundations includes many diverse resources for teaching and personal study for the Book of Genesis.

Genesis helps you gain great insight to God's design, what is wrong and how to restore things the way He wants.

Maps, genealogy charts, overview themes, outlines, handouts, diagrams, Bible study questions and many exciting expository articles are all included.

These materials have come from many years of personal study and experience of teaching students this wonderful book. This book is where it all begins. If one wants to build a strong foundation for one's Christian life, it will include a clear understand of the Book of Genesis. Genesis is where it all begins! Sample here.

Genesis: Book of Foundations

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