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Our Personal Calling from Titus

Our Personal Calling (Titus 1:1)

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Waiting for ministry

Waiting for Ministry
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Inductive Bible Studies on the Book of Titus

Learn how to make inductive Bible study questions!

Inductive Bible Studies
in the Book of Titus

Paul J. Bucknell
Brian Conner
Ramesh Reddy


Learn and live the powerful teachings of Titus!

This book provides a complete series of study questions that can be used personally, for one's small group or even for an adult Sunday School class.

This inductive Bible Study series not only helps you to present a powerfully study on the Book of Titus but also to emphasize the way a person needs to learn the basic skills of inductive Bible study. Our goal? We simply want you to gain the intended meaning of the passage and apply it to your lives.

Inductive Bible Studies in the Book of Titus

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Inductive Bible Studies on the Book of Titus

After provided guidance on how to do a book study (i.e. manuscript study), we have provided seven inductive Bible studies. Each question is color-coded so that one can train oneself to discern the difference between the three kinds of questions. The NAS Bible is used.

There are student handouts for each lesson!

A distinctive of Biblical Foundations for Freedom materials is that we actually encourage you to adapt our material either to other Bible versions or your own questions.


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