Spirit Dependent Teaching

7 principles on excellent teaching

Spirit Dependent Teaching expounds seven principles of excellent teaching.

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BFF latest articles (via iTunes)

This includes the newest or modified topical articles such as Discipleship, marriage, parenting, prayer, anxiety, devotions, advanced training, etc.

BFF Prayer Letters

Generally bimonthly letters seeking God's people to join in this mission endeavor to release the power of God's truth around the world thus bringing about a great revival. During mission trips, there sometimes are more letters.

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This series includes the audio and videos. Our list is a bit short now but will be extended as we include some of the older ones. I like to use mp4 which are best seen with the free iTunes application or quicktime player. If you click the viewing, you can see the video podcasts in a nice big clear format if you go to the webpage (the newer ones have this).

Discipleship (via iTunes)

Check out this discipleship feed that pulls together many BFF discipleship articles.

Life Lessons for the New Believer

Basic discipleship training.

If you want to be virtually discipled (sounds bad, but better than nothing) or learn how to train others (the more of us doing it, the better), then check out this series of short training videos.

ADT (via iTunes)

Advanced Discipleship Training has a number of specially designed articles and podcasts that are designed to train and equip those in ministry. This recently has added The Godly Man podcast series translated given in English and translated into Chichewa, the language of Malawi.

BFF latest series

These include only series of related articles such as Discipleship, marriage.

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Spanish (Spain, some South American countries)

Spanish: Spriitual growth, Initiaciando Crecimiento Espiritual en la Iglesa

Spanish: D2: Superando la Mediocridad: Volviendote un Vencedor

Spanish: Construyendo un Gran Matrimonio

Spanish: Family: Criando Hijos para Dios (iTunes)

Swahili (Kiswahili used in countries like Kenya) (via iTunes)

Visay, Cebuano (Philippines, Filipinos)