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BFF articles are not only biblically challenging but intensely practical – great discipleship training materials.

Biblical Foundations for Freedom is proud of our distinction of encouraging you to adapt these materials to be most helpful to you, your students and church members. If you need a free .doc version, write to me after your order.

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Genesis: Commentary and notes

The Book of Foundation

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Our Personal Calling from Titus

Our Personal Calling (Titus 1:1)

Book of Romans Commentary

Book of Romans commentary

Biblical DVD

BFF's Biblical materials in one spot! pdfs, outlines, maps, powerpoints, podcasts and much more!

Waiting for ministry

Waiting for Ministry
(1 Samuel 16)

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Take Your Next Step into MinistryTake Your Next Step into Ministry

Take Your Next Step into Ministry helps prepare a person for full-time or tentmaking ministries whether it be missions or the pastorate. Lots of challenging questions to guide you to your next step (pdf: 27 pages).

Two special timeline charts are included to trace your calling into ministry: a blank chart and sample one with directions.

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As we depend upon the Spirit of God, He effectively leads us closer to Him and makes our lives more fruitful.

Besides study questions for each section, this study also has special weekly and daily projects to train yourself how to walk by the Spirit (pdf: 22 pages).

Download: Spirit Dependent Living Isaiah 11:1-5

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