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Cross Training discipleship materials

Discipleship/Sunday School material for training how to properly relate to others.

BFF Marriage Digital Library

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Building a Great Marriage! book by Paul J. Bucknell

Building a Great Marriage is not for the next life but now! See how.

Godly Beginnings for the Family

Godly Beginnings for the Family
Prebirth to infant care and advice.

Waiting for ministry

Take the ten steps over the bridge of hope to the peace of God Each step leads further from anxiety and closer to God and the truths of His Word Instruction on how to overcome fears, worries and handle temptation for lasting peace

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Book Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting  Raising Godly Children

BFF Discipleship#2 Digital Library

Resources to Help Young Believers Grow Strong!

"I am so excited about discovering your resources! I followed your instructions, and they work great. Your work has blessed me greatly! These materials will be so helpful in discipling the soon-coming harvest!!"–CH

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The BFF D2 Discipleship Digital Library provides training materials for young believers. This category also includes the many Christians who have not properly grown in their spiritual lives. Learn how to help such believers grow, even when caught in sin or traditional Christianity. The fundamentals for biblical counseling are provided here. Included are

• Overview of the Flow (Christian Life)
• Training a person thrive in his spiritual life
• Training materials to help overcome tough spiritual problems.
• Several powerful books.
• Instructions how one can help others grow.

As a bonus, we have included a number of biblical articles regarding the struggles on overcoming.

Enjoy our great library of quality biblical material based on a firm belief of the inerrancy and power of God's Word! We also have many more quality training materials at stages #1 for new believers as well as stage #3, mature believers. Make sure you get those Libraries too!

Introduction of the Flow's 3 Stages (top)

3 stagesMany articles are provided introducing all three stages of The Flow, the Christian life process.

Each stage is highlighted and focused on so that one generally can understand what growth occurs at that stage and what particular needs the believer has to grow at that particular segment of spiritual life.

Diagrams are included comparing the 3 different stages. The reading is accompanied by graphics, handouts as well as some videos, mp3 and powerpoints (ppt and key).

Key study questions help trigger what is supposed to happen at the stage one is studying.

You don't want to miss these articles!

Stage #2 Materials: Growing by Overcoming (top)

Overcoming Anger

Several articles on handling anger including anger in teens.

Running the Race: Overcoming Sexual Lusts

Overcoming Sexual Lusts

Sexual temptations have flared in the last decade, though they have always been present from the fall onward.

Constant media attention to our desires and revealing scenes has made it hard to even conceive of the idea of being sexually pure.

Our book, Running the Race: Overcoming Sexual Lusts, gives lots of practical advice and vision for living a sexually pure life in and out of marriage.

Several other articles help focus on other related issues.

oaOvercoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God (top)

Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God has brought the greatest change in individuals. Once they step into the pages of this book, their worries begin to drop one by one so that they can experience the powerful peace of God.

Along with the book, there are slides, epub, handouts and study questions!

The Lord Your Healer: Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

Why is it that many people harbor doubt against the Lord at key times in their life? They lack the truth about healing and how the Lord their Healer works in their lives. Times of sickness are opportune times to more deeply draw near to God and know Him as your Healer.

devQuality Devotions (top)

Growing strong requires meeting God in His Word. 'Meeting with God' helps one learn how to regularly have meaninful quiet times with God.

Handouts and powerpoints are available.

renewSeeking God's Will & Personal Renewal

Several videos along with handouts and powerpoints address these topics.

Understanding Temptation

A special video and powerpoints on understanding tempation.

Other Topics (top)

More than ten other articles are also included included one on getting married, a pure heart, restoration of disciipleship, small groups and the spirit of love.

Reaching Beyond Mediocrity – D2 Seminar (top)

Reaching Beyond MediocrityThe book's first four chapters show how a believer overcomes sin and then step by step illustrates how to use those same principles in the five next chapters. See below.

  • Possess God’s Peace: Overcoming Anxiety

  • Cling to Humility: Overcoming Pride

  • Embrace God’s Love: Overcoming Lust

  • Acquire God’s Patience: Overcoming Anger

  • Adopt God’s Hope: Overcoming Depression

The last chapter ends shows how to adapt these principles to overcome any area that you or others might be wrestling with. God wants all His children to grow including you! Many worksheets are provided to help implement these principles in people's lives.

Audio/visuals of many chapters are available along with all the powerpoints and outlines.

playBonus Articles/Video (top)

This special bonus section includes a mix of articles/powerpoints and even a video on struggles with sin from scenes in the Old Testament.

About Paul J. Bucknell (top to purchase)

Bucknell family 2009Paul has been married 30+ wonderful years and has eight children with two grandchildren!

With oversea church planting ministry (in Taiwan) during the 80s and pastoral experience during the 90s, Paul is able to use his many experiences to address the challenges Christian believes and church leaders alike are facing.

His experience has been further broadened during his many international Christian leadership training seminars. Paul has authored more than ten books and is president of Biblical Foundations for Freedom. Learn more about Biblical Foundations for Freedom or Rev. Paul J. Bucknell.

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