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Handling Extreme Anxiety

Steps to Overcoming Anxiety

Introduction to Session #9

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Convinced that only God can help our anxious thoughts.

Mastering the three stage process to overcome worries.

These last two sessions are perhaps the most exciting. Everything we have learned has been challenging and helpful. Here, however, we put everything together in three short steps. It is not magic. Remember, peace results from a series of right decisions. We just believe by being trained in this process, you will be able to tackle most any anxiety that you or a friend might have. Nothing can be done without the preparation of the heart, but if God is working, then these steps do the job of restoring someone.

Our hope has not only been to help you find God's peace in stressful times, but also so that you have a testimony to share with others.

Christians often don't know how to talk to others about the Lord. The biggest reason is that they don't have a recent testimony on how He has been working in their lives. When you start talking to an anxious or stressed out person, ask them if you could share how the Lord has helped you with your anxiety. Then tell them what God did in your life.

Let's pray.
Dear Father in Heaven, it is easy to talk about change but hard to do it. I need You to change me. I don't want to be that kind of person that has attended all these sessions and heard about how you were working in other lives but in the end did not work in my own life. Please God. Let me one who by your amazing grace live above the worries and stresses of the day. Give me a testimony and may others be amazed at your work.
In Christ's Name I pray, Amen.

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