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Overcome anxiety

This 10 session seminar (free) further develops the training introduced here to overcome anxiety.


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Overcoming Anxiety: Lesson #5

Possessing God's Precious Peace

Discipleship Level 2: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

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Purpose: Anxiety arises because of impossible situations but this lesson puts everything in perspective by showing how you can practically get God's strength to handle overwhelming situations. Overcoming Anxiety: Possessing God's Precious Peace shares how the truth enables God's people to overcome worry and possess God's precious peace. This is the first of nine sessions which comprise the fifth lesson in the Discipleship Level 2 series: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity.

The Problem of Anxiety and Worry

There is probably no more relevant topic today than overcoming anxiety. We usually think only in terms of the normal things people are typically anxious and worried about: jobs, education, personal finances and relationships. anxiety seizes the heartSerious worry troubles 19.1 million (13.3%) of the US population. Anxiety disorders costs one third of the total US annual health costs (total is $148 billion). Now, however, levels of anxiety are increasing. People everywhere are being threatened on a level that we haven't too often seen. The worry is not just an individual problem but a threat upon our whole society. This has escalated the number of people worrying and the intensity of their worry.

What we thought was a simple food shortage has raised the costs of foods everywhere so those in poorer countries are seriously being malnourished. Huge banks and companies are going bankrupt. The problems in the government are becoming more and more apparent. Large factories are closing and laying off workers in numbers that have not been seen in years. The problem is not just with the economy. With terrorist threats arising in all parts of the globe, no region is safe. Modern life with all of its conveniences are being threatened.

Our trust in the Lord is being tested, whether rich or poor. Do we really trust the Lord or do we doubt His constant care for us? Anxieties reveal a weakness in the armor of our faith. Fortunately, the Lord has given His truth to His people and that can give us a strong testimony with so many troubled people around us.

Dear Lord, you are supreme and carefully govern all things. In the past, we were not too greatly tested. Now we are being more so. Will you please touch our eyes to see your great power and love infused in each of our lives. Come, Lord. We desire your truths in our weak vessels so that we can magnify the great Name of Jesus. Give us a testimony of your peace in a very troubled world. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

When we try to solve any problem, it is necessary to understand its basic nature. We look at that in the next session.

Continue on to see how to understand the hidden problem bringing about anxiety.


Ten sessions on overcoming anxiety

For more in depth treatment of handling worry and anxiety go to the seminar or order the BFF manual.