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Overcome anxiety

This 10 session seminar (free) further develops the training introduced here to overcome anxiety.


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Overcoming Anxiety: Lesson #5

Possessing God's Precious Peace

Discipleship Level 2: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity

Paul J. Bucknell

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Understanding the Root Problem of Anxiety and Worry

Purpose: Once we discover worry in our lives, then we can trace its problem to the root cause. 'Understanding the Root Problem of Anxiety and Worry' helps you see why people worry. This is the third of nine sessions on Overcoming Anxiety: Possessing God's Precious Peace which comprise the fifth lesson in the Discipleship Level 2 series: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity.

Understanding Anxiety

Jesus has repeatedly told us "Do not worry” (3 times in Matthew 6). Clearly we should not think that worry is a normal way of life. Since worry is defined by not trusting in God, we see it is missing the faith that each person should possess. So we categorize worry and anxiety as sins deriving from a lack of trust (rather than 'misplaced confidence).

God or worry

Those painful points in our lives that are built around lack of confidence have quite a few common elements. When we approach these problems as a group, we gain a great advantage. We know how to handle them. They are not so large and daunting. Instead, we understand that they have a common root and solution.

When we clarify the root problem of anxiety, we quickly spot the problem that has to be dealt with. Our options will become quite apparent. Either we will focus on our lack of trust and worry or we will focus on God's work, trust Him and find His peace.

Let's summarize what has so far been said by two definitions.

Worry comes from doubting God's willingness or ability to provide for a person's perceived needs.

God's peace comes from trusting God to take care of our genuine needs.

Anxiety can pop up in many areas of our lives. They do not need to be real. A person only needs to think it is important and he will be anxious that he does not have such and such. Let me enumerate a few. People worry about every kind of thing.

When a person develops worry in one area, it is likely that he or she will become worried in other areas. It is 'catchy'. This is because it is a response mechanism. The response pattern (actually a series of things happen) becomes routine and easily adapted to other areas. The student who used to worry about getting into school now is worried about grades in school.

Of course, it is important that we know what anxiety is and how it impacts one's life. The emotional, spiritual and physical signs of anxiety and worry are discussed in the next page.

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Note: The first anxiety exercise can help you detect worry in your life. Check out our exercise page.