Unlocks the mystery to why some
Christians and churches
grow and some don't.

Pressures from the outside pressing in
Pressures from the inside pressing out


We are act-oriented when we serve God because we are supposed to. Pressure from the outside leads to conformity of action.


We are heart-oriented when we serve God because we want to. Pressure from the inside (the Spirit's infilling) leads to change of outward behavior.
In this case, both our motivation and energy to do these things derive from those around us, rather than from the living God.

As lovers of God's Word, we sometimes reinforce this perspective because it looks okay. These things are often proper such as attending a worship service or reading the Bible. However, it is deadly because we come to think the mere act of doing it pleases God.

In this case, both our motivation and power to do these things derive from the person, pleasure and power of God.

As lovers of God's Word, we need to purposely portray the difference of God's life-giving Spirit. We want to please God from our heart. Worship starts in our hearts and takes place wherever we go–even at a worship service.

"And He {Jesus} said to them,
"Rightly did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written,

A Prayer

Dear Lord, Please come and examine my heart. My heart is not pure, but I want it to be. Forgive me for seeking the approval of others and completely ignoring your holy person. I want my love to be on fire for you alone. I want all that I do to come from a great passion to serve You, my Lord. You alone can revive me. Please come and make me be pure in heart for your glory's sake. In Jesus Christ's name I pray. Amen.

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