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High Self-esteem’s Blowout

- Understand Self-esteem -

Paul J. Bucknell

High self-esteem has had a blowout, and its guts are littered all over the highway of life, but don’t dare tell modern parents who raised ego-proud kids. Just check out “high self-esteem” on the web and note how all the sites have changed their opinion, openly admitting to the 30-year mistake.

High and Low self-esteem

Too bad they cannot change the views of the moderns who drank its poison!

I have been speaking against this pseudo-psychology for decades now but who wanted to listen? Now, new evidence has given change to the views of the psychologists. So dare you listen to them now? Do you think they have the privilege to play with the minds of your children?

God's expectations


The deeper problem with self-esteem lies in its attempt to persuade people to perceive their lives without the Lord. They want us to be preoccupied with our vision of ourselves rather than God’s. They don’t care what God says even if there is a great judgment coming! Neither do they care that it is the ‘poor in spirit’ who possess the kingdom of God (Mat 5:3).
Again, most are saying, “Blessed are the rich” or “Blessed are the rich in spirit” but Jesus states the opposite. Who is right, Jesus or the world? Certainly Jesus is. But who will hear?

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3).

Here are some articles that we have written in the past on the destructive nature of high self-esteem.

An examination of Self-Esteem from Psalm 8

Self-esteem in Light of God's Goodness | Part of Knowing God ...

They are said to have low self-esteem. They stress that each person should have high self-esteem, often by stressing the phrases hinting at some magical force ...

Psalm 8:1-9 Experiencing the Glory of God; Examining Self-Esteem ...

The Glory of God and an Examination of the Self-Esteem Movement ..... of man, we will find that man has been endowed with a high calling and good gifts.

Revival: God's Action Plan (Part II) 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Our generation is typified by talk of high self-esteem. We know little of true humility. We want to believe better things of ourselves than is true. People even help ...

Growing in Intimacy: Song of Solomon 1:15-17

There has been so much talk about self-esteem in this generation. ... Boy-girl relationships often zoom from high ecstatic states to being dashed down into rocks.

Romans 12:1-8 Bible Study Questions: OUR RESPONSE TO EACH ...

What is the difference in the way Paul talks about our view toward ourselves ( Romans 12:3-5) and the way the world or friends understand “self-esteem”?

John 15:8 Purpose of Abiding | Part of study on Abiding in Christ

... us to experience the glory of God and examine the Self-esteem movement. ... The Glory of a Pure Heart - Meeting God on High describes those saints and ...

Philippians 1:11 Glorious Love | The Bible Teaching Commentary ...

Psalm 8 enables us to experience the glory of God and examine the Self-esteem movement. In order to appreciate and live for God's glory, we must make room .

Discovering an Effective Leadership Model from the Book of Haggai

The libertarian model has recently become popularized by the self-esteem ... also , Joshua son of Jehozadak, the high priest, and all you people of the land take ...

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