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The Lord Your Healer: 

Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch by Paul J. Bucknell

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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God


The Godly Man:  When God touches a man's life

The Godly Man

When God touches a man's life

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Goodness and Contentment

Goodness and Contentment

Testimonies on Pursuing a Godly Life around God's Goodness

Paul J. Bucknell

  • How has God revealed His goodness to you?
  • What are some practical steps to know more of His goodness?
  • What are some steps to avoid temptation?

How have you learned God's goodness?

The Waves of Goodness Break About Me

The Lord is good. He is faithful to His children. He has built goodness into this universe. He cannot move without sending forth another motion of goodness toward His people. It would be good to see His goodness flowing our way as a series of waves. One time I was in a desperate place. Bills were starting to come due. I had a big family. We couldn't get our school curriculm that we wanted. We had to pass up on several 'bargains.' A number of appliances started to break down.

But as I kept coming to the Lord, His promises were still so true. We were not sure where the money to care for these things would come from. But we had His great peace in our hearts. We focused on doing what God wanted us to do and trusted that He would care for those needs in His time.

There was a temptation of course not to trust God but that is nonsensical when you are so vulnerable! If God doesn't supply, then we are truly in a bad way. Only miracles could help! There was no other money source. There were other ways to get money, but that was not God's will for us. He didn't want us to get a loan or mortgage in order to get money. Nor did He (I believe) want me to be distracted from the work He had set before me. That would have resulted in failing Him.

Because of God's unfailing goodness, we knew that God brings us to low points so that we can see Him as a great and fantastic Provider. Low points were designed to make the high points all the more precious and memorable. And so as we see Him provide for those needs, we and the children alike were amazed at God's good hand upon our lives.

Let me share just one story of the many ways God cared for us during that time. A family who whom we knew moved out of town happened to visit our area for several weeks. Out of the blue, they called and wanted to visit us at our home. They didn't really want to come in; they only wanted to drop off an envelope. As we pulled out the wad of bills, we just delighted in God's way of supplying our needs just as the right time.

I have started 'seeking' the Lord more. Just by adding a few minutes here and there- now have the bible on ipod to listen often, praying with my husband, a bible study group and watching some channels on tv with people preaching of all the wonderful promises of God- I have now found that my time is used so much better nowadays. I just started with talking to God and the moreI did the more I wanted to.

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Especially lately, I have been going through really difficult financial times, and yet Gd keeps delivering me through them. Just the other day I got money I really didn't expect at all - and I had just been praying but worrying at the same time about how I'd pay my bills, but as always God came through, and I felt and still do feel so bad for ever doubting this great Lord and King. I shall never doubt His might and love for me again!

The Godly Man: When God Touches a Man's Life

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What are some practical steps to know more of His goodness?

Responding to God's Promptings

I would like to share an experience that just happened over a week ago. I was very busy that Saturday trying to finish a project deadline. Earlier when I was meditating, I was quietly prompted that I should meditate on a portion of God's Word. I scanned it but, I was so busy. Nothing jumped out at me. I went and worked on my project. But God was so patient with me.

Later He prodded me again by bringing the passage back to my mind. I reasoned that I already looked at the passage, and it didn't particularly excite me. But then I thought how the Lord had prodded me. I decided to start reflecting on that passage even though it was going on midnight. As I did, the flood gates were opened and a torrent of ideas flooded my soul. For well over an hour, I was engaged in a contest on trying to write down all that was coming to my mind.

I was overwhelmed by God's goodness on two accounts. Firstly, the truths were simply awesome that He revealed to me. I had prayed for many years for insight on this difficult subject. He was beginning to release a deeper understanding to me. I don't have time to share them now with you. But how my soul for more than a day was caught up in the glorious truths of God's ways. I would remind you that at one moment I didn't get anything out of His Word, and then the next moment He released special insight to know Him more. I still am deeply touched by His dynamic power.

The other reason I was so deeply touched by his goodness is perhaps more obvious. I almost scorned His truths. I was so busy with other things. I didn't seriously look into His Word when He first nudged my soul. It was only later that I figured I better respond to Him. Now here God in His graciousness God pours out such a blessing that my soul was deeply touched. This is His great kindness which flows from His goodness. Truly God is good!

What are some practical steps to avoid temptation?

Covering Up

My eyes tend to stray as any man's eyes. Because of this, I don't watch hardly any television and read vry little magazines and newspapers. These sources of information are not going to change their ways overnight. However, I have found several way around this. Only read what is necessary. If one spots an ad that causes ones eyes to wander, immediately cover it up. Sometimes I just fold the page or put my hand across it. Other times I rip it up, crumble it up and throw it away. I ask my wife to rip covers off of seductive magazines or ad brochure covers that come in the mail. This keeps me from having to deal with constantly trying to control my eyes. I can then read in a somewhat relaxed mode of reading.

Prayer, and always talking to God, always praising God and finding a good thing in all situations. Get yourself away from that temptation because if it's in sight, it's easy to turn to it.

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