Pray BFF #90                                  April 18th, 2006

Dear Prayer Team,

Around We Go

Thank you so much for praying for Paul at the retreat where he spoke five times in Mandarin. Your prayers were really felt. Thank you. Feedback was very positive. Everything went great for the center's first retreat. We all went away very touched by the Lord. God enabled the two speakers to complement each other in a very special way. And because the group was small, about 20 altogether, we could share much more intimately.

Paul has another retreat coming up this weekend (April 21-23). It seems that he will also speak Chinese for one message (Saturday morning). This retreat is a followup from the Chinese Mission Conference of more than 1 year ago. Those attending are seriously considering full-time ministry. Although the number is not large, we trust that those attending will find significant help.

The World of Format

Paul is making progress formatting documents in order to make them available in printed form. It is available for people to read the on the web, but some ask for printed copies. 

"Thank you so much for your website, it is such a blessing.  
I am profoundly touched by your 'Godly Man' series and 'The Abiding in Christ' series."

Thanks to your prayers we have secured some low cost machines to enable us to bind the materials into books. Right now Paul is working to  reformat 'The Godly Man' series. Quite a bit of BFF writings are not in printed form but only on the web. The materials need a lot of work before they can be printed. Paul was surprised to find that this ten part series will have well over 400 pages.  Once this is done, he will start preparing the parenting and the counseling materials for printing and binding.

Thanks to God

Praise God for answered prayer for abundant blessings during the Virginia retreat at the Christian Leadership Renewal Center (CLRC)! The director got the final touches done to the place just the morning before people arrived!

Great mentor appointments in the last months.

Safe travels and good health for the family.

God's grace for  recent speaking engagements.

Great parenting class so far. Also thankful for faithful babysitters that enable the parents to attend.

Lots of orders for BFF materials over a two-week period.

Requests to God

Retreat on April 21-23 in Lancaster, PA where Paul will speak, translate, counsel and serve communion.

Plans are being made to go to India and Singapore in the fall. 

Parenting class continues each Thursday night. We have 20 if everyone attends. This Thursday is the fourth of ten classes.

  Provision for a vehicle so that Pastor Stephen can reach those villages with more ease. 

Grace to persist in formatting, editing and learning how to best present material.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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