Pray BFF #91                                  May 8th, 2006

Dear Prayer Team,


Numerous changes are about to come to the BFF website. The BFF homepage is in the process of being updated. Paul has wanted to make a more usable format  to introduce BFF's material for a long time. One writer recently suggested it, so Paul is diving in trying to relearn some basics about making web pages. Instead of overloading the many visitors to our home-page with numerous materials, we are attempting to teach and train people concepts of discipleship.  The home page will help them find the appropriate materials they are looking for. 

Another change has to do with the Library. BFF just began another promotion for free materials to those full-time workers around the world. We have done this for before and as God provides will continue to do this. We hope these occasional offers don't change. The real change is making our one BFF Library into three Libraries. We simply ran out of room. This will open the door for adding instructional material in mp3 format. One person wrote  and suggested that Paul do a webinar (live teaching through the web). This and podcasts will need to be held off for a little while.  This might be the way to go, but it is hard for him to learn new things and keep up with what God has already given him to do.


When Paul is absorbed making these small, seemingly unnoticed editing changes, he is encouraged by the little notes or calls from pastors and friends around the world. One pastor was really moved by the study on prayer in 1 Chronicles 20 . Here are two other comments.

         Thank you so much for making this material available!  God bless you! 

       I am very pleased with the material that I have seen on your web site.

These kinds of comments help keep the vision out front so that we can continue this work.

We also have been encouraged by responses from those attending the parenting class. Some have said that it has helped them in their marriage! More people come each week. Thank you so much for your prayers. 

Thanks to God

Thank the Lord for grace to speak again in Mandarin to those attending the Next Step retreat , a follow up from  the Chinese Mission Conference a year and a half ago. It went well.  It signals the end to that commitment. We are being asked to participate in the next one in December 2007. 

God has enabled Paul to do a lot of editing and reformatting in these past several weeks. 

God's grace for  recent speaking engagements.

The parenting class is helping many parents (over 25 different people have come).

We continue to see growth in the number of people coming to the web site. Recently, we had over 4,000 pages viewed for a few days. 

Requests to God

A brother has a great burden to reach out to Spanish speaking families. He is asking Paul to orchestrate the curriculum of this 60 hour seminar to be given to various Spanish churches, both in North and South America. Pray for Pastor Alberto and Paul as they clarify what God wants.

Plans are being made to go to India and Singapore this September. 

We have four more Thursday night Parenting classes.  Five more couples are trying to get another class going!

Progress in making materials more available (printing and Library).

Continued grace in formatting, editing and organizing the BFF home page.

Pray that God would bring the right pastors from around the world to get the free BFF Library. Some access the web through a little kiosk in some corner of the village or city. The good thing is that more and more of these places are opening in very remote places in the world.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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