Pray BFF #92                                  June 8th, 2006

Dear Prayer Team,


Wedding preparations for our second daughter are in full swing. Preparations for Paul's September visit to India are getting off the ground too. BFF will sponser three Advanced Leadership Training seminars, each one three days long. Paul needs to begin to prepare himself for the trip. Pastor Stephen organizes the seminars.  Besides pastoring a church that meets in his father's home in India, Pastor Stephen is overseeing the building of a new church building and conducts ongoing systematic evangelistic tours.  The seminar planning and the two weeks taken out of his schedule in September become quite demanding. 

Paul and Linda have a big challenge at the end of June. A Chinese-speaking group of parents want us to speak to them about dealing with their teenagers. Some are not Christians. Most have neglected proper parenting methods over the years. Some recently came to know the Lord. Quite a few people have asked if there is any hope for parents in this situation. We believe there is. We have two sessions to prepare. Two sessions does not seem like enough for long-standing problems.  Preparation by God's Spirit will go a long way to help them make the necessary changes in their lives.

Tedious Work Continues!

Who likes the long days of correcting errors and organizing data? But it is precisely this that makes the quality and user-friendly interface of BFF so helpful to well over 1,000 people a day. Paul has remade the one BFF Library, added more articles and then divided it into three separate Library's: BFF Discipleship Training Library, Family Training Library and Biblical Training Library.

After reformatting many files, some on  the web and some not,  and then putting them on the Libraries, Paul realized the Biblical Training Library was already full!  Some day, he when he has time, he will reformat and edit many more articles. It is easier to make them print-ready than web-ready. He soon hopes to get back to work redesigning the Biblical Parenting Principles material for a book and  the final editing of the counseling book. He is thankful for one faithful editor. Pray for more! 

Thanks to God

The 10 week Parenting class went very well. The evaluations at the end really encouraged us. Many noted that their marriages improved!

The Lord has helped Paul a lot with the tedious formatting. Some aspects of it are almost over. Yeah! Some still remain.

God's grace for  recent speaking engagements.

Thankful for the efforts of Pastor Stephen in planning for the three September seminars.

Thanks to the Lord for bringing a free 7 month-old puppy to our doorstep via a friend. This has been a big answer to prayer for our children.

The last of the filming for the documentary is over! They hope to release  a copy to us in August .It will be shown in the UK sometime after August but before the end of the year. Then they will try to get other groups in America  to show the documentary.

Requests to God

Keep Pastor Stephen in India in your prayers. Pray for the Spirit's anointing. His father is not in the best of health.

There have been several situations that remind Paul that Satan's attacks are increasing. Please pray for protection. 

 Paul preaches Sunday, June 11th.

  Pray for God's Spirit to work in the hearts of the parents and convict them of their need to do things God's way.  Pray that God would "turn the hearts of the fathers to the children." Pray that we would prepare and speak God's words.

Pastor Alberto has just returned from a good training trip in South America and will soon be talking to Paul about the 30 hours of material that he has asked Paul to prepare. Pastor Alberto will arrange for translation and hopes the material will do a deeper work in the hearts of Spanish families in North and South America. Pray for lots of grace! 

Pray for conversations with Doug, a professed liberal, who has been touched by the love of some conservatives.

Serving Together for the Glory of God,

Paul and Linda Bucknell
Biblical Foundation for Freedom
3276 Bainton St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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