Pray BFF Letter #149

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Friday, May 22, 2009 update (below)

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Dear Support Team,


Tomorrow is our 31st wedding anniversary! The sad part is that Paul has been very ill with fever and chills. (Don't worry not swine flu!) We will not be able to plan anything special for this week. Hopefully for next week.

Bright side!


May 22, 2009 - Brief Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thanks so much for your prayers! I want to provide a quick update. Two things.

First, I will not be going to Texas today.
The church thought it best I rest more. I am glad for the rest but wonder how
God will use this turn about to accomplish His greater good. Rescheduling will
soon be done. Do pray for the one who stands in for me. May God bless him!

Second, I have news of another $1,000 that is to come in for the African STM trip.
This leaves only $950 left to raise for Africa. Praise God!

In Christ's Majestic Love,



Rev. Paul J. Bucknell, President
Biblical Foundations for Freedom

Phone: (412) 398-4559
3276 Bainton St.,
Pittsburgh, PA 15212 USA

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