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Handling Teen Anger

-Steps to Control Teenage Rage-

Handling angry teens

Articles on Handling Anger

Parents pretend that their lives are fine. They talk about their education, their successes at business or the entertainment event of the day. Many parents, however, face huge problems at home. Outbursts of anger. Temper tantrums. Rage. Hateful, spiteful words. Mean actions. Cursing. angryHitting. Yelling. And of course, horrible parent-child relationships and alienation. We would like to begin to address this teenage anger and rage in this article.

Handling Teen Anger

One will discover that handling teen anger and anger in others does not differ much. There are differences, however, such as in the tension between parents and the parents' responsibility to care and protect their child. Below are a number of materials on anger, some are general but others are specific to understand or dealing with angry children.

When a person better understands anger, he then can become open to rightly deal with it. If a person does not understand it, then he will play victim to it. Those who simply prescribe medicines either do not know how to help angry people or do not care for those ensnared in the game of manipulation. They want an easy and profitable way out.

Parents must step in, learn about anger and help their sons and daughters take the steps that the gracious Lord provides to lead them out so that they can live good and wholesome lives.

We have used, with permission, a short interchange between a mother struggling with her teenage son who exhibits strong fits of anger and rage.

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