Building a Great Marriage

See the article on Ephesians 5:31-33 for answers.
  1. Do you believe the world’s ways are opposite from God’s ways? Always? What scripture do you base your opinion upon?

  2. The world’s ways always bring decay and disaster. What evidence is there around us that many people including Christians have left God’s blessings on marriage?

  3. What is the ‘call’ to the couple? Who originally said this? Where?

  4. How is the appointment of the husband as authority or head over the wife important? What happens when there is no clearly appointed head? Have you seen the results of a marriage without a clear agreement as to who was in charge? Describe.

  5. What are the four major heresies mentioned? Does the author’s use of the word heresy too strong? List each of the right perspectives for these four heresies.

  6. Do you think that these heresies: secularism, independent spirit, materialism, and feminism have invaded Christian families as the author suggests? Give support for your answer.

  7. What is the husband’s calling from God?

  8. e there any exceptions for this strong command? Are there any times the husband can stop loving his wife? What if his wife is unresponsive, left home or is going through a real bad mood swing?

  9. Try to better describe what this word ‘love’ means. You can go through this whole passage of Ephesians 5:31-33 to find other words to help describe or illustrate this love but remember to get practical.

  10. What biblical evidence do we have that the wife fulfills a very important part of a man’s life? (Hint: see Genesis 2)l.

  11. Name one or two significant perspectives husbands should have toward their wives (see 1 Peter 3:7). How does that one or two perspective practically shape how a man cares for his wife?

  12. How can a single man or boy begin to train himself for marriage? List at least three things.

  13. What is the wife called to do in Ephesians 5:33? Why does the author use the word subject or submissiveness? Is there any biblical teaching to ask the wife to submit to the husband? Where is it found?

  14. Is submissiveness a passive or active state? How can a wife deliberately submit to her husband?

  15. Are women trained to be submissive today? How are women going to be good wives if they are not trained in this way? What is a way  yet-to-be wives can train themselves in this area?

  16. How should a wife respond to her husband if he is not living according to God’s ways? Support your answer with at least one clear scripture passage.

  17. What does the author mean by saying that submissiveness is a powerful tool? Do you agree? Where does he get this idea? Explain.

    Singles Discuss Marriages

    Sometimes it is hard for singles to talk about marriage. Singles however are gaining attitudes early on that will affect their marriage. Unfortunately, most of these learned attitudes are not good.  Who can tell me what is wrong with the marriages they see in the movies they watch? They don’t even see the flaws and so are not disgusted by the movies enough not to watch them. People must deliberately think about marriage in order to have a good marriage.

    I have challenged everyone, whether married or not, to seriously contemplate whether the world’s ideas have influenced their thinking, expectations and perspectives. One can go through the ‘heresies’ one by one if desired. But don’t miss the most important part.

    Do you believe that obedience to God’s Word will result in a good marriage and family and that disobedience results in bad marriages and families? If so, then discuss what it takes to have a good marriage. But start where God starts. Emphasize the things God has emphasized. Marriage is special and wonderful but it takes a commitment to obey God’s Word. Several training exercises for both single men and women have been given. If not, one needs to understand what the implications of the truth are (see John 8:32). There is no hope for improvement until one does.

    It is helpful for people to share how they were trained for marriage by their parents. Neglect of proper training is still training but just very poor training. As one remembers his or her growing up days, it helps the individual to isolate the particular problems they will face. People learn from their parents in two ways: by observing (1) parents – children relationships and father –mother interactions.

    A person’s marriage will never ‘naturally’ be better than his or her parents. That is why marriages tend to go from poor to worse. Only by identifying where one has accepted faulty perspectives and by God’s grace and truth make real life changes can that great marriage be obtained.

    Remember that only groups of men or women best discuss some topics (rather than a mixed group). Do split up for those questions or don’t discuss them at all. The talk will be much more fruitful.

See the article on Ephesians 5:31-33 for answers.

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