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Discovering Patterns of Anxiety

Session #4

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    Pattern: 0,3,8,15, ? The answer is 24. ( Hint ( 5 X 5 -1).
    00=0; 11=1; 22=4; 33+9; 44+16; 55=25

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    Is there a way to reject these anxious thoughts?

Mastering the Facts

Session #4
Discovering Patterns of Anxiety

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God

  • It is easier to get into a spider's web then out of one. This illustrates that we often feel caught in a web of worries and don't know how to get out. True

  • Without understanding the difference between anxious thoughts and anxiety, we will never be able to escape the snare of anxiety. (Fill in the blanks).

  • The key to protecting ourselves from worry is detect our anxious thoughts early on.

  • The purpose of keeping an anxiety journal is to train us to observe our thinking (self-reflection).

  • Anxieties are temptations. False, anxious thoughts is right.

  • Worries have to do more with the things I face in life rather than my heart problems. False. Definitely heart problem

  • An insecurity is any area of my life that I feel responsible to care for.

  • These decisions that we make to solve our worries are always bad.

  • Fill in the middle items
  • Worry > self-care > bad decisions
  • Trust > God-care > good decisions
  • Jesus overcame severe temptations by His divine power. False. Jesus prayed to His Heavenly Father who helped Him.

  • Fill in the five confirmations that Jesus did not worry on the night before He was killed.
    • Jesus was clear-minded rather than confused.

    • Jesus was was troubled but didn't give up.

    • Jesus prayed but didn't worry.

    • Jesus obeyed rather than disobeyed.

    • Jesus cared for people rather than being self-oriented.

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