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Mastering the Facts

Session #4
Discovering Patterns of Anxiety

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God

  • It is easier to get into a spider's web then out of one. This illustrates that we often feel caught in a web of worries and don't know how to get out. Circle True or False

  • Without understanding the difference between _________ _________ and _________, we will never be able to escape the snare of anxiety. (Fill in the blanks).

  • The key to protecting ourselves from worry is detect our anxious thoughts ________ on.

  • The purpose of keeping an anxiety journal is to _________ us to observe our thinking (self-reflection).

  • Anxieties are temptations. Circle true or false.

  • Worries have to do more with the things I face in life rather than my heart problems. Circle true or false.

  • An insecurity is any area of my life that I feel _________ to care for.

  • These decisions that we make to solve our worries are ______________ bad.

  • Fill in the middle items
  • Worry > ________________ > bad decisions

  • Trust > ________________ > good decisions

  • Jesus overcame severe temptations by His divine power. Circle True or False

  • Fill in the five confirmations that Jesus did not worry on the night before He was killed.

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Up and over the bridge we go. In session #4 we have learned how to discern how worries come into our lives. In session #5 we will learn how to cope with anxious thoughts!

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