Focusing on God's Word

Focusing on God's Word

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a bookJust think how your perspective of life would change if you had God's mind! Jesus modeled this for us. Jesus limited His knowledge so He could live as a man. As He prayed and meditated on God's Word, His Father would reveal everything important to Him that He needed to know for a particular situation. The same is true for us!

• God's word make a difference
Again and again we find that true comfort and help comes from God's Word. There are many books in the library, pages on the web, articles being published including these pages you now read, but none of them compare to God's Word. Why is this?

• Encountering God's Word
God's Word is in fact what it says: the voice of God. God's mind is revealed to us when we get His Word into our lives. We can see this in the way those who were experiencing difficult times actually met God through the words of the scriptures.

These encounters give His people guidance as they follow Jesus' pattern. God met them in difficult times. He will meet us too along with the millions of others if we just follow His example. Let's look at these three different verses.

Psalm 94:19 Psalm 119:81
Psalm 119:174
When my anxious thoughts
multiply within me,
Thy consolations delight my soul.
My soul languishes for Thy salvation;
I wait for Thy word.
I long for Thy salvation, O LORD,
And Thy law is my delight.
We find a wonderful comfort has entered the writer's heart to the point that the anxious thoughts no longer trouble him. In fact, we find his mind was now actually delighting in God's comfort! We find a similar situation when this man of God is being troubled by his oppressors. In verse 81, he is longing for deliverance. He has no hope but in God's Word. God and His Word has become his focus. We might wonder has he found any real profit in this desperate scheme of trusting God's Word. Later on, however, in verse 174 we find him delighting in God's Word. Again, we find there is a joy in God's Word that goes beyond difficult situations.

Where will you find this comfort and help? Only in God's Word for it is there you will find God Himself.

Listen to the Psalmist's confidence in God's Words. (Psalm 119:49, 50, 151)

  • Remember the word to Thy servant, In which Thou hast made me hope.
  • This is my comfort in my affliction, That Thy word has revived me.
  • Thou art near, O LORD, And all Thy commandments are truth.

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