Recovering from Worry; Truth and Error

Recovering from Worry

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Recovering by God's promises

• Regularly meditate on God’s Word
• Plead with God to teach you
• Keep special list of struggles
• Note what promises pop out at you
• Affirm that you will live by His promises

If we are going to recover from falling into temptation, we need the promises of God's Word. If we don't know them, then we can't get back. If we have fallen into temptations by listening to lies and false promises, it makes a lot of sense to use truths and the true promises of God to recover. Our confidence in God's Word will make the difference between a slow or fast recovery.

Promises are special sections of God's truth that instill hope and confidence in us. They give us special access to God's truth to keep us on the way of truth and protect us from temptation and falling away.

Below are two examples on how one falls into temptation by a lie and is rescued by the promise of God.

Psalms 125:1
Those who trust in the LORD are as Mount Zion,
which cannot be moved, but abides forever.
I said to myself that the Lord can't help me have peace in this situation.
Result of Lie
I worry. I lose control. Worry controls.
Promise: Psalm 125:1
God Our Maker says that if I trust in Him, I will be unmovable like a mountain! The strength of the lie is broken by the truth about my trusting in God
Result of Promise
I gain peace about a situation.

Praying through God's promises

• Affirm your sonship by Christ's blood.
• State that you will trust Him to guide you.
• Repent for lack of belief and ask forgiveness.
• Confess specific areas of disobedience.
• Accept His forgiveness. Put aside accusation.
• Declare that you are now going to follow the Lord.

Psalms 130:7
O Israel, hope in the LORD;
For with the LORD there is lovingkindness,
And with Him is abundant redemption.
After I sinned, I felt as if God was gone. I guess I may as well go on sinning. God has left me.
Result of Lie
I gave in more and more to temptation until I was very depressed and hopeless. The more I sinned, the more I worried God would never take me back.
Promise: Psalm 125:1
With the LORD there is lovingkindness and redemption! Those words of hope became mine. I know there is wonderful grace with God. He will forgive me.
Result of Promise
I gain hope for forgiveness. I stop sinning. I plead through Christ's Name for forgiveness and restoration.

Are there any worries that trouble your heart? Ask God for a promise from His Word. Read His Word. As you read, look for the verse that God will use to touch your life. Appropriate the promise just like going to a bank to cash a check.

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