Touching Our Lives

Session #7

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a bookPrinciples
What principles were strongly impressed on you today? Circle the ones that are most significant.

  • God desires that we live in His peace.
  • Three troublesome states: stress, anxiety and fear all steal inner peace.
  • Anxiety causes division of focus and therefore causes one to do everything poorly.
  • Temptations enter our lives in order to lead us astray.
  • The studying of God's Word, journaling and praying are three important Christian disciplines.
  • We can regain our focus by meditating and claiming the promises of God.
  • God's Word gives us God's perspective of the world.
  • Without meditation on God's Word, we will not be able to succeed in our lives.
  • We can only think about one thing at a time. Why not think on the promises of God?!
  • We gain the peace of God by sanctifying (correcting) our lives.
  • We know the God of peace by totally focusing on what He delights.

• Applications
What clear decisions, plans, or confessions do I need to make because of what God spoke to me during this session?

  • Keep up ‘worry' journal that I can train myself to discern temptation (anxious thoughts).
  • I need to confess the many vile things that I let float through my mind.
  • I do not rightly respect my co–workers in the Lord. I need to change this.

• Testimony
What one or two special lessons, stories, illustrations, warnings, etc. can I share with others that might encourage their faith?

  • I remember going through a very tight financial crisis time one time. We trusted God for things, only He could help us out. We were so close to failing, but God held us close together. Our steady mind was guarded by the peace of God. If we took our minds off the Lord for more than a moment, then our minds would quickly become a haunted house.

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