Mastering the Facts

Session #7

Finding the Peace of God

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a book

  • 1) What three enemies (states of heart) steal away our peace?

  • 2) Anxiety differs from stress in that it is focused on inabilities to resolve present problems. (True/False)

  • 3) The promises of God help us recover from worry by instilling in us _________ and _________.

  • 4) How does meditation on God's Word help us through difficult times?

  • 5) Meditative ___________ refers to the way of bringing God's Word to bring forth faith in our hearts even when troubled.

  • 6) What principle helps us take back control of our lives?

  • 7) If we want enduring peace, then we need to be __________ and make changes.

  • 8) Name step two and four out of the first five steps that brings the peace of God into our hearts and minds.
  • Living in Harmony
  • _____________________
  • Rejoicing in the Lord
  • _____________________
  • Entrusting our Worries to The Lord

  • 9) Phase 1 has us work on ________ and attitudes.

  • 10) The major goal is to obtain the peace of God. (True/False)

Session #7 has explained not only the importance of meditation but also how it can be used to combat evil with good.

Session #8 will help us to understand and to handle extreme worry.

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