Mastering the Facts

Session #8

Handling Extreme Anxiety

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a book

    • Panic attacks occur when ___________ combines with our anxiety.

    • Our confidence or trust factor decreases when anxiety (increases / decreases)? Choose one.

    • What good things can come from worry? Why is this so?

    • The absence of ___________ produces worries. This is why unbelief and doubt all contribute to and are associated with anxiety.

    • Jesus Christ helps us recover from the fall in two ways.
      1) God becomes approachable again because our ________ is cared for by faith in Christ's death for us.

       2) A new heart of faith is given to us which enables us to ________ God for everything.

    • Many people avoid worry by trusting in their ability to provide for their basic needs by _________________________ . (3 words). This second level of living is so dangerous because it is ___________ at least for the short term.

    • In order to really help those facing extreme worry, we must not only deal with the symptoms but the ____________ .

    • The basic difference between the common worrier and the extreme worrier is that the extreme worrier has lost all ______________ in their ability to handle the situation.

    • Crisis situations reveal our true ____________. God uses these times to expose the ____________ of our hearts so that we might ____________ and return to Him.

    • The issue is not whether God loves us. He does. Our ___________ and ___________ keep this powerful love from our lives. The only way we will be able to develop our trust (faith) in God is to come to experience more of His ___________ .

    • What are the three steps to overcome anxiety?
          (1) Declare the truth of __________ .
          (2) Detect the truth of our __________
          (3) Admit the truth of our __________.

    • Declaring God's praise breaks through dull, confused and anxious minds because we are gradually replacing __________ thoughts with __________ thoughts.

Session #8 has helped to not only understand why people suffer from extreme worries, but also the three steps to overcome them. These three steps will be worked out more fully and much more practically in session #9, Steps to Overcoming Worry .

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