Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope

Seminar Summary
We find that we are typically very anxious creatures.Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a book Every step we take away from the Lord brings further anxiety to our lives.  When the Lord shakes those things that we are trusting, we need to make the decision to trust Him.

In order to find the peace of God, we need to come back to Him. There is no other way. Step by step we have crossed the bridge. We have at first focused on understanding and accepting our limited situation. Anxieties and stress shows that we have not rightly handled our lives and thoughts. Worry occurs when we try to handle something on our own without the Lord. In these cases, selfishness dominates our decisions and squeezes out love.

We clearly have not trusted the Lord as we should have. We must come to terms with our limitations and natural sinful inclinations to take care of ourselves on our own. This humility enables us to actually cross the bridge to His peace and power.

The further we have crossed over the bridge, the more we actually have learned how to practically rely on the Lord. We now have crossed the bridge. We must ask ourselves two questions.

  • What have we learned?
  • What have we put into practice?

In the end we need to live by faith rather than by feeling, command rather than by desire. God has given us everything we need to live just like Jesus. He fully trusted God His Father to care for His needs, and so are we. This is our special privilege as His children.

Yes, we will need to be disciplined in our prayers and control of what we think. But isn't this how God originally designed us to function?! He has restored this to us through Christ Jesus. God has clearly commanded His children not to worry, to put away fears and overcome stress. Instead He promises full peace, love and joy to those who have dared to step this far over into His care. Can you see yourself taking these steps?

We are not promising peaceful circumstances, but the peace of God that passes understanding. We no longer are ultimately the one who has to care for our needs. We have restored this responsibility to the Lord. He is our faithful, loving and powerful Creator who can do far more for us than we could ever do on our own.

What do we have to lose? - our worries.

What do we have to win? - the Lord's peace and power!

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