Touching Our Lives

Session #10

• Principles
What principles were strongly impressed on you in this session? Circle them.

  • Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a bookThe Lord has called us to be an overcomer.
  • I shouldn't be too discouraged at difficult circumstances because the Lord specializes in helping His people in need.
  • Perseverance is very important. I can't get along without it. Perseverance embraces spiritual disciplines.
  • God at times places us in circumstances that we ourselves are not able to handle so that we can grow in faith in Him.
  • There are two kinds of problems: ones we cause and ones that 'just' happen.
  • Every problem is under the control and careful watch of our Father.
  • When I conceal my sin, I will not prosper. Blame often conceals sins.
  • We should not ask 'if' trouble will come, but when. We need to be prepared.
  • God's promise is to be with me through all the difficult times.
  • Some of God's people will suffer more than others. God will give them extra grace.
  • Our confidence in God's goodness gives us faith that He is using suffering for my ultimate good.
  • As the Father has asked Christ to suffer so He will ask His children to suffer.
  • God is in full control even during great and intense persecution.
  • Christ has rendered the devil's fear of death powerless.
  • Dying daily is based on clear rejection of the old nature and the acceptance of God's will.

• Applications

  • How do you respond when you are put in difficult spots? Do you complain and give up or do you trust the Lord for what you cannot do?

  • Go through Hebrews 11 and list the difficulties these men and women of faith had to face. Then list the rewards.


  • Becoming an Overcomer:
    1) Pick an area that you are struggling with. Find a relevant Bible passage.
    2) Write out some truths from the passage that have to do with your situation.
    3) Write out 1 or 2 applications from each truth that has to do with that problem.
    4) Pray the prayer through using all three steps.

    As you begin to regularly do this, you can almost do steps #2 and 3 automatically and go right into prayer. Daily devotions is great practice grounds.

• Testimony
What one or two special lessons, stories, illustrations, warnings, etc. can I share with others that might encourage their faith?

  • George Mueller dearly loved his wife. After 30 years of marriage, she died. He chose to lead the funeral. He trusted God with all his many needs left vacant by the passing of his wife. Note how he did not question God but affirmed His Lordship.
    • He thanked God for giving her as his wife.
    • He thank the Lord for having her as his wife so long.
    • He lastly thanked the Lord for taking her away just at that point.

This was not easy to so say but when one thinks about the ramifications, of course it is true. Nothing could be better planned than the passing of his wife. God doesn't make mistakes.

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