"Just have evangelism outreach!"

This is a copy of the flyer we passed out for Sept. 1.

Evangelism Poster for Wujya 9/1/1986

No place,
no church!

"Just have evangelism outreach!"

Our hearts collapsed when the pastor of the mother church decided to give up the plans for starting a church and only have this evangelistic series. After all, we had looked for weeks here and there. Many others were also looking. Nothing turned up.They just made an observation: No house, no church.

Our dreams broke. Our hopes were dashed. We became desperate and prayed even more.

Without private transport, it was difficult to travel the many city miles to reach the outskirts of Kaohsiung. Taxies were expensive. The summer was extremely hot and humid to walk along looking for a place to live.

And so all of a sudden, we were only going to have the evangelistic series. The church plant was dropped from the plans.

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