Just in Time!

We praise God for supplying a home and a church meeting place just in time!

Map of Southern point of Wujya community of Fengshan, Taiwan.
This is a map of the southern point of the Wujya community where the church began. #2 shows where the street meeting was, just down the alley from the meeting place (green dot).

Just in Time!

My wife, two young daughters and I walked the hot streets of Wujya looking for a place to start the church. I thought we had looked enough for that day. Nothing showed up. But my wife, Linda, asked if we had visited the section way down in the corner. We hadn't, so we 'moseyed' on down to that region. A storekeeper responded to our inquiry of a nearby place rather eagerly. Our hopes perked up a little bit.

The section of condos just behind the store would have one vacancy coming up and were open to renting it to a 'tall-nosed' foreigner. When we first saw the place, we were both delighted and shocked. We were delighted that someone was willing to rent a first floor condo to us but horrified from the dark red incense stains that emanated from the idol shelf and darkened all the walls and ceiling. We took it. After a paint job, the place looked nice even though it was small.

Now the church was prepared to establish a church!

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