God in Our Plans!
#1 Planning for disruptions
#2 Receiving God's correction
#3 Trusting God with our plans
#4 Desiring God's purpose
Summary of Principles

Proverbs 16:3


The Scripture
" Commit your works to the LORD,
And your plans will be established."

Our plans are not our own until we give them to the Lord, and He returns them to us.
A Paraphrase
In a real sense you must turn over the most precious plans of your life over to the direction of the Lord;
This is the only way your plans will be accomplished.


God is possessive of our plans. They need to go by His desk before they go into our hearts.

My plans
Those plans and activities that we have not asked for God's approval are no doubt those very things that have caught our heart's attention and keep us from making Him our chiefest delight.

His plans
My confidence is that He will accomplish or establish what He wants done.

  • I need not defend my work; He will.
  • I need not be anxious about it; He will care for it.
  • I need not promote myself or this work; He will prosper it.

I merely need to go along focusing on pleasing Him and doing His will.

Wise plans must seek their origin and their end fulfillment in the Lord. We must give our plans to the Lord and see what kind of plans He gives back to us. We then must accomplish these plans by His grace.