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Holiness of God

Fear not man

Fear of God and the Fear of Man

When we first use the word 'fear,' we most often think of different circumstances that induce fear in man. The scriptures speak in multiple places about how to deal with these fears. We have addressed this elsewhere.

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Here, however, we focus on the 'fear of God' along with its practical application of 'fear of man.' There is no doubt that the 'fear of man' at times can fit into the above circumstances of fearful circumstances. However, we want to see these two topics: fear of God and fear of man as opposites. There are two reasons for this.

  • The scriptures often present them in this light.
  • Secondly, the first step to overcoming the fear of man is to understand this difference.

We hope this month's theme series provides relevant and biblical support in our determination to live godly lives. We are concerned that many professing Christians today believe that the fear of God is irrelevant to their lives. We also are concerned that the fear of man often prevents us from not giving God the fear He ought to receive.

The fear of God is that awesome reverence of the LORD deriving from being sensitive to His glorious, holy and majestic Person resulting in respect and obedience.

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Fear God and not Man

Table of Contents

Problems with Fearing God

Why don't Christians believe they fear God?

The Fear of God in the NT

What does the NT state about fearing God?

The Love and Fear of God

What does I John 4:18 teach about fearing God?

The Shaping Aspect of Fear

How does the fear of God originate?

The Benefits of Fearing God

Explore the surprising benefits from fearing God.

Fear of God in Society

How is a culture shaped by God's presence?

A Charge for Fathers

How can the fear of God help men be better fathers?

Fear of God and Children

How has has secular society affected children?

Evaluating our Fear of God

Evaluating ones own fear of God.

Developing a Fear for God

How does one develop your fear of God?

Testimonies on the Fear of God

Your testimonies on the fear of God

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