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The Godly Man:  When God touches a man's life

Righteousness, not Compromise

The Demand to Embrace God's
Person and Plan

A Call to no compromiseThe Godly Man: When God Touches a Man's Life

Righteousness not Compromise | The hardest part to give up | Can I be righteous? | How can I? | Impact of little sin | A little lust | Clarifying righteousness| Legal definitions | Good people and heaven | Chinese character for righteousness | Three Aspects of Righteousness | Testimonies | Godly Man index


In this study of Righteousness, Not Compromise, we explore the many aspects compromise has on our practical righteousness.

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Compromise is always costly. Here are some challenging thoughts you will find in the series. Although we might live in different parts of the globe, we all face similar temptations to Christ our Master.

More importantly, we face the same opportunity to be righteous even like our Heavenly Father is righteous.

Flee youthful lusts! 2 Timothy 2:22

Many are so concentrated on running from something that they never think where they are running to! We are told to "flee from youthful lusts." But many are still confused by these directions. they do not know which way to run, that is, until they read "pursue righteousness" (2 Timothy 2:22).Yes, we are to run from youthful lusts, but also to importantly pursue righteousness!

Legalism is the preoccupation of what we are running from and will never lead us to righteousness.



The righteousness of God is that perfect reflection of God’s person and the swift response to completing God’s plan.

Here is a short index of this part of The Godly Man on Righteousness, not Compromise. Click the blue dot or here to begin.

The belief that 'a little' will not hurt was blown apart when judgment came upon Adam and Eve. The last 5% is the hardest to give up.

Nobody can be righteous, can they?

How can I become a righteous man?

Will a little sin make a difference?

Problems of just a little lust.

The word 'righteous' is not easily understood.

Modern problems started with the separation between God's righteous standard and justification or acquittal.

Can good people go to heaven?

What are the three stages of righteousness?

What is significant about the Chinese character for righteousness?

Can you state what the three aspects of righteousness are?

Testimonies of overcoming compromises - Where compromise cost a lot and advice on how not to compromise on lust.

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