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Share testimonies on how the Lord helps us live righteously.

Compromises are doing less than the righteousness of God calls for.

Compromise on obedience in finances

God brought me to the conviction that I should not have any loans. It became possible for me to finally be able to pay off my loan. However, I made a wrong decision to delay paying it off.

Two factors prevented me from making the right choice and revealed my lack trust in our good Lord.

(1) A nice investment possibility presented itself that gave more interest than the loan cost. Easy to retrieve without penalty. I reasoned I could pay it off later.

(2) Because of a job change, I wanted to hold on to the security of the money rather than live in the freedom of obedience.

In the end, my perceptive wife questioned, "Wasn't I being wise in my own eyes?" God took that verse and convicted my heart of sin. I took that money out of the investment and with other assets paid off the loan.

As a consequence, I believe I lost the job opportunity that I was hoping for. Since then God has been training me to trust Him and see how trustworthy He is through periods of uncertain financial times.


In what ways are you tempted with compromise?
What ways have you discovered to counter those temptations?


Seeking Full Delight in One's Wife

- Overcoming Lusts All the Way -

Although some think the temptation stops at marriage, it does not. Once married, I needed to find ways to not to lust after other woman.

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Of course I had started this earlier on, but now my true weaknesses were apparent. The issue was not just sexual needs but heart needs. We need to grab hold of those disciplines that enable me to keep my heart pure for my wife. Let me make a few suggestions.

  • Don't think a little lust is okay. Begin to repent from a little lust. You want your whole heart to be pure. Yes, you might feel you are even further from God's standard, but God will soon help you hold onto His standard. You must hold yourself to it.

  • Check your thoughts. If you aren't paying attention to what you are thinking, you have already lost the battle.

  • Avoid any seductive pictures. When I read the Sunday paper, I often have to cover one half of the newspaper with my hand as I read the other side. Be aggressive in blocking sensual input.

  • Realize that the more sensual the input, the more you will struggle.Purchase the book, Building a Great Marriage

  • Don't go to places where women are dressed immodestly. Swimming pools and beaches can be hunting ground for the evil one as he sends his bait to ensnare you.

  • Remember the temptation itself is not sin. You have a split second to control your thoughts and reject the filthy suggestion. You need a clean thought such as a Bible verse ready to shoot at the missile that is trying to penetrate your 'mind' defense.

  • I have my wife help me spot sensual pictures coming into our home and hide them or throw them away.

  • Don't watch television and movies as a regular rule. We have a limited number of "G" videos that don't have the ads that are okay. You just need to recognize that you are no longer going to be able to comment on the latest fashions, movies and programs. You have a higher and more honorable goal - being pure in your heart to God and if married, for your wife.

  • If a sudden and terribly lustful thought comes into your mind, realize that the evil one has just inserted a thought. You do not need to follow through with it. Reject it. Cry out to God for protection through Christ's blood. Purposely quote a few verses like Philippians 4:8-9.

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