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Coach Hope

Hope is the confidence that a certain pathway will lead to victory.

We often think that our greatest hope comes from ignoring our real problems and pretending all is well. But we are only fooling ourselves and others. Blind faith leads to a broken hope.

This is the reason we elaborated so strongly on the issue of confession. Confession brings us to the bottom step of a stairway called hope. We just must remember as long as we have hope but no clear affirmation of change of our lifestyle, then hope will not benefit us.

Real hope comes from seeing our great need so that we make room for the work of the Lord. Brokenness leads to a heart of openness. Here we can identify with the psalm writer, "God is my hope."
COnfession is the stairway of hope.For Thou art my hope; O Lord GOD, Thou art my confidence from my youth. Ps 71:5 NASB
Hope's starting point is confession.

Genuine hope instead comes through recognizing that:

1) I still have time for change
2) I want a change for good
3) God desires to help me in this process.