The Big Race

Joining in
What is the race like?
Can I make it?
Does it really matter?

Getting Ready
Getting in Shape
Your Trainers
Meet your coaches
Coach F
Coach H
Coach L
Endurance builders
Distance Training
Course Overview

Crossing the Line
Readying the Mind
Mastering the Course
Deciding to Win

Running the Race
Gaining stamina
Overcoming hurdles
Roadside cheer
Feeling overwhelmed
Thoughts controlled!

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Love is the glorious way God motivates us to imitate Christ.

Love pulls us out of the muck of relativism where we judge how to treat each other by what we at that moment prefer. Love restores us to the goal of preferring one another better than himself.

Through love, always unselfish and devoted, we have a means to judge our thoughts and actions.
Love always considers the other person's life, needs and goals in life.

Through the view of love, we will see that many of our relationships are self-oriented rather than other-oriented. We will learn to reject those things which in fact serve ourselves and instead get bold in doing what is right and good even at our own personal costs.