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Clarify God's plans for you by reflecting on your calling with Titus.

Isaiah 11:1-5 Spirit Dependent Living

Spirit Dependent Living

Planning in Proverbs

Wise planning makes a great difference.

How to make plans God's way.

Behind Job's Curtain - see another perspective of suffering

Discover how idols can impact your life!

Purpose and plans

Become strategic in your ministry!

Spirit Dependent Teaching

Spirit Dependent Teaching

Acts           Intro and Outlines
Acts Maps:  Paul's 1-2 Journeys
Acts Maps:  Paul's 3 & Rome Journey

Book of Acts (Used with permision Hugo Cheng)Video on Acts 1:6-11

The Kingdom Plan and Purpose

The Bible Teacher's Commentary on Book of Acts

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

Acts 1:6-11 Kingdom Plan | Acts 1:6-8 Plan | Acts1:8 Power| Acts 1:9-11 United

A video expositional commentary on Acts 1:6-11, The Kingdom Plan and Purpose. God accomplishes His great mission plans when God's people combine both the right plans (i.e. God's plans) with the power of the Holy Spirit. Our problem is that we often separate or disconnect them.

Click below to begin the video podcast on Acts 1:6-11.

We will discuss three questions through this video podcast on Acts 1:6-11.

1) What is the Lord's great plan?

2) How does the Lord empower His people?

3) How does God plan and power go together?


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