Matthew 9:35-38 Going Into His HarvestGoing into His Harvest

Matthew 9:35-38



Matthew 9:35-38 Bible Study Questions

 See Matthew 9:35-38 for the actual study from which these questions are largely taken.

A. Jesus’ Itinerary (Matthew 9:35)

1.         How is Matthew 28:19-20 similar to Matthew 9:35? What conclusion(s) are we to draw from this?

2.         Missions is based on what main teaching?

3.         What does ministry mean?

4.         What are the three areas that Jesus carried on ministry?

5.         Define or describe the three ministries.

6.         Why does the author suggest that we do not have Jesus healing much in the church today?

B.          Jesus’ Insights (Matthew 9:36-37)

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7.         How do most people view crowds of people?

8.         How does Jesus view them?

9.         What are the two problems that keep us from compassion?

10.     If a person confessed that he didn’t have much compassion for those around him, what might you say to them about how Jesus had compassion? (See chart).

11.     What does Luke 16:25-28 say of a place of judgment?

12.     Why did the passage, “The harvest is plentiful” puzzle the author? How did he resolve it?

13.     Why is having few workers a problem?

C. Jesus’ Instruction (Matthew 9:38)

14.     Because of these two problems, what is it that Jesus instructs us to do?

15.     Why is beseeching or prayer so important? What does your personal prayer life look like? What about your church’s prayer life? Do you hear people specifically praying that God would sent out people into the harvest?

16.     Write down the four summary statements. Share which one and explain why is it most helpful to you right now.



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