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Without confession brokenness remains

Confession and brokenness

Behind Job's Curtain - see another perspective of suffering

Behind Job's Curtains


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Playing around with God

Playing around with God


Romans 8:26-39

Book of Romans: Study Questions - download or print!

Book of Romans:
Study Questions
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Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

The Bible Teacher's Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell

commentary on the Book of RomansVideo Survey of Book of Romans, Part 1/3

Romans Introduction and Romans 1-3:20

Paul J. Bucknell

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CrossO DitchEvery Bible book including Romans has its specialized purposes. The Book of Romans was designed to lay a solid foundation for our Christian faith. If the foundation is built right, then the whole building (the Christian life) can be strong. The Apostle Paul shows how the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ provides a perfect solution for man's problem whether he be Jew or Gentile.

This is the first of three video podcasts which summarize the Book of Romans discussing the introduction of Romans and the two sections of Romans 1:1-7 and 1:18 to 3:20.

Romans 1-3:20: Read
Romans 3:21-8: Read
Romans 09-16 : Read

Live by faithline s

Please click below to watch the video podcast on this web page (most convenient). One can download the introduction below and view it through iTunes or Quicktime (free download).

This podcast starts with and introduction on Romans, continues with 1:1 and discussion right up until Romans 3:20. This message was originally given in Nigeria to a group of pastors and students of God's Word.

Outline Romans

-> Continue on to Book of Romans, Summary Romans 3:21-8: Read | Audio mp3 | Video.


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