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Discovering God Through the Psalms: Designed with an Eternal Touch

Psalm 139:13-24
The Design of Our Lives

From Psalm 139 we discover that God that He has a special design for each human being. Come with me now and let us explore how God in eternity plans for us in time. God’s special design for our lives required three major items. The second is below: namely, we are crafitly designed by the hand of God – Psalm 139:15.

2) Designed (Ps 139:15)

“My frame was not hidden from Thee, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth.” (Psalms 139:15)

Again we see in this verse the special hand of God making us while hidden away from the sight of man. Did you realize the wife doesn’t know she is expecting until about 1-3 months later?Man doesn’t know of his wife’s pregnancy until his wife tells him. I remember one child’s announcement to me was on my birthday! The work of creation goes on silently all hidden from our sight.


• Ethics: Since God works on this in secret, then we should keep our paws off the selection. It doesn’t take much thought as to how the man would be willing to create our modern slave clone. We will create different models for different purposes - sex model, strong model, etc. God’s creation means ownership. The more we get involved, the more we will be distracted from this truth and justify our purposes much like killing babies and feeding their brains to older people.

But although it was secret, man is made skillfully. Clearly God’s design and His willingness to show us parts of this design is the basis of science today. Science is at best discovering God’s design. Healing and medicine rightly used restores this process to normal. We are right in understanding that David was not just speaking for himself but for every person in God’s awesome creative power set loose in framing each one of us.

God’s wonderful skill is seen in the creation of every person. God has an acquaintance with each one. There are no two models that share the same number. Each person is distinct. Even in twins we find this to be true.


• If designed, then any rejection of my life should be an indication that I am to some degree suspicious of God’s good design of me. This rejection of my life is formed through a false understanding of man. God never makes mistakes in His design of our lives.

• Comparison of our bodies with others is ridiculous when we remember God’s special design for our own lives. It would be like student term papers that the teacher compared to his perfect one. So everyone had to change their words and order around to match his. What do you think the students would think? Today we are absorbed in being the ‘Ken’ and ‘Barbie’ of this generation. God doesn’t want us to be Ken and Barbie. He has our nose a certain way and our height rightly adjusted.

* Let us pray right now thanking God for making me just like I am. Some of you will be greatly challenged by arguments flying about in your mind. These thoughts are from the evil one not wanting you to be set free from false arguments by which he easily manipulates you. Let the truth of God come from your lips, then let it reside in your heart and later it will come to your emotions.

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