Ministering in the Spirit

Isaiah 11:1-5

Paul J. Bucknell

Developing a Christ-like Spirit dependent ministry


Increase your awareness and dependence upon the Holy Spirit
in your life, ministry and teaching.

Coordination of theme with assignments.

Day #1
Intro/The Life of the Christian
Isaiah 11:1
Day #2
The Spirit of the Christian
Isaiah 11:2   
Day #3
The Spirit in the Christian
Isaiah 11:2
Day #4
The Walk of the Christian
Isaiah 11:3
Day #5
The Walk of the Christian
Isaiah 11:4-5
Abiding in Christ
John 15:1-16
The Anointing
of the Spirit
Gifts of the Spirit
(1 Corinthians 12)
Fear of the Lord
Study on
Waiting on God

for Ministry


Daily Devotional Assignment

Choose a gospel passage and meditate on it. Ask the Spirit to teach you from that passage. Especially note what Christ's disciples would learn through observing Christ in that circumstance. Seek the Lord for at least one daily application and apply it in your life that day.

Post-course Assignment

Apply the principles and reflections of Isaiah 11:1-5 in the next month to three areas of service. For example, preaching, leading a prayer meeting, visitation and evangelism are examples of different ministries. Send a report in a month’s time on this.

To see the Isaiah 11:1-5 curriculum, please click here.

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