ADT One-Week Schedule

ADT sample course heading with two projects.

ADT one week schedule

Comments on the One-Week Schedule

Although we only have a one-week schedule shown here, it serves only as a suggestion to stimulate your minds. It is more important to train with flexibility than to have a fixed schedule with no one trained! You may prefer a longer schedule if your trainees are not using materials in their primary language, are lesser educated, desire more time for reflection or want joint service projects at the same time. Using the four weekends of a month can also work. You try it out and let us know how it works.

The courses are concentrated learning times. They are not designed to be taken immediately after one another. They serve as a framework for the church's whole comprehensive training program.

The schedule here with the details on the next page is given primarily for you to see how everything is to work together. This is truly an integrated course interweaving both a theme and Bible book project. Reflection is important. Working with others is critical.

You might ask why the book and theme studies are simultaneously studied rather than as separate classes. We are trying to meet three primary goals. We believe the theme study is sufficient to do this, but we sense that we are not sufficiently exposing them to familiarity with how God meets us through meditation in whole Bible books. One can study them separately, but we greatly suggest reflectively studying the Bible books rather than informationally or analytically studying them as is commonly done.

Of primary importance is the meeting of God so He can train us.

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