Evangelizing the Cults

Launching the Attack

Lines of Attack

       Three ways we can approach a cult member.


We can share with cult members how God changed our lives. We might not know anything about their cult but we do know abour what He has done in our lives. This testimony method bypasses all of the arguments and go for the heart. We often overvalue our arguments when sometimes it is just our testimony that God wants to use.

Our testimony might not break through their biased viewpoint {grid of interpretation} but rarely will any of our argumentation. The Jehovah Witnesses perceive Christians as being doped in an apostasized Christian church.

Maybe in His great grace God would prepare a heart through personal troubles to listen to God's tender Spirit. After sharing your testimony, ask them whether they would want to come to know God through Jesus Christ.

 Establish a
   Biblical truth

We can also share with cult members by focusing our discussions on one or more truths. One might want to discuss God's person, creation, salvation by works, Christ's deity, etc.

Our argument should come from a focused study of the Bible. Stick with one subject before going on with another. Repeat the "If ... is true, then you and I must ....." statement. It might be best to make a later appointment to discuss these matters, but at least accept some ground rules for giving each side the freedom to express his view.

Check here for establishing Christ's deity to the Jehovah Witnesses or see what the Mormons really believe - you will be surprised!

 Assault on their Authority

We lastly can share the gospel by purposely assaulting their authority on which they trust. This is a life or death issue (of their pride) so expect strong reactions. Several cult experts believe this is the best way {though not only} to share the gospel with a cult member. We are not talking about issues but making an attack on the whole system. The discussion necessarily revolves around the validity of the cult’s sources.

They typically pledge allegiance to the scriptures but more than often have a greater authority, either a higher prophet, more accurate interpretation, or dream.

The cults, though, cannot defend their “higher sources.’” Jehovah Witnesses cannot defend their prophet, the Watchtower magazine nor Mormons the teachings of the church nor their Book of Mormon. This assault must be a prepared attack and fortunately there are many good resources to help us in this.

Just Remember

We must speak the truth in love them and care about them and their souls.

For all things are for your sakes, that the grace which is spreading to more and more people may cause the giving of thanks to abound to the glory of God. -2 Corinthians 4:15

Truth's Transforming Power : The truth shall set you free!The Truth shall set you free!

Follow the path to freedom!

To know your enemy, you must understand how they perceive the world. To conquer your enemy, you must lessen their confidence in their strength. It would be good to remember that the best of the apostles could not break through stubborn hearts caught in lies, but some escaped. Maybe the one knocking at your door has been sent to you to speak to them about the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

This is the end of this mini-series on evangelizing the cults but please continue on studying truth in the series "Truth not Deception" or other topics on the cults below.

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