Problems Joining the Church?

Emergent church

–Is it okay to opt out of church membership?-

Is the emergent church biblical?

Paul J. Bucknell
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Study Questions on 'Joining the Church'

1.    What are some different reasons those who call themselves Christians do not join a church?

2.    Can a true Christian not join a church? Why or why not?

3.    What does the word ‘church’ mean in the original languages?

4.    What does 1 John 2:19 say? How can it rightly be applied to this issue?

5.    Explain the analogy between Christ and the church as said in Ephesians 5.

6.    Is it legitimate to compare the state of marriage (good and bad) with the state of the church? Why or why not? Explain how the author does this in this article.

7.    Do you regularly attend a local church worship service? Why or why not?

8.    Do you belong to a local church assembly? Why or why not?

9.    What would you say to those who feel comfortable not being involved with God’s people?

10.    Is the church greater or weaker because a number of God’s people are not committed to the local church? Pray together for the unity of God’s people.

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