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A Spiritually balanced Life

A Spiritually Balanced Life

Living a Spirit-filled life in a busy modern world

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

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If we are going to live a spiritually balanced life then we need to learn how to live a Spirit-filled life in this busy modern world. Is the Spirit able to help us here? Surely. The Spirit is God in us. He helps us in our daily life to carry out His will. We will both focus on the philosophy of planning as well as the practical aspects of scheduling. There are three main areas that need to be addressed.


A Spiritually Balanced Life

Part 1

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• Planning

Purpose: How do I discern God’s plan for my life and set my heart on these things?

• Scheduling

Decisions: How am I going to get done what God has planned for my life?

• Discipline

Conviction: How am I going to set and keep God’s priorities?

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