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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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The Bible Teaching Commentary on Genesis: The Book of Foundations

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Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God


Charting Your Steps Into Service

Timeline Chart

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

Train up


The Christian counselor or person called into ministry uses this timeline, Charting Your Steps Into Service, to chart the means by which God is both calling and training an individual. The chart brings about an excellent opportunity to see the developmental growth of an individual and to help them see what areas of training are needed.

The Timeline Chart for Ministry

This timeline chart helps both the mentor and the individual seeking full-time service a means by which to detect the call's origin, means by which it is being played out in one's life and perhaps most importantly, the next step for that person.

Our burden is to have every believer, and especially those with a calling into ministry, to be trained for effective service.

Charting Your Steps Into Service - Empty Timeline Chart

This chart and a sample one can be downloaded (pdf) by clicking here or on the above chart.

A person's calling and how to help train a person for ministry is described through various other articles.

We use this timeline chart in personal interviews with those interested in missions to help them (and us) to get a clear view of where they are coming from, how far they have come and where they yet need to go to get into full-time service. The timeline can be used for those also not entering full-time service but have interest in serving in a particular area of life.


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