Concluding Thoughts

Principles & Problems


Urban Church Planting

The sign by the Gospel Garden in Wujya.

Principles & Problems
for Urban Church Planting

"God's work done in God's way shall not lack God's supply." -J. Hudson Taylor

If we pay attention to our life experiences with God, we will realize that 'God's supply' involves much more than financial provision. God also works out plans, a place to live or meet, crises to develop ones faith and provision of great coworkers in the Lord. After all, Christ is the one building His church. We are His assistants and glad to be so!

It is good to know that because of the faithful dedication of so many coworkers and a church willing to extend itself during a time of their own large demanding building program that now there is a church in that Wujya community reaching out to that community.

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