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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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The Bible Teaching Commentary on Genesis: The Book of Foundations

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Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God


Redemption Through the Scriptures: 
Gaining a clearer picture of Christ and His saving work

Redemption Through the Scriptures

Gaining a clearer picture of Christ and His saving work


Redemption Through the Scripture

Discipleship #3 Digital Library | Strengthening FaithDiscipleship Level 3

Redemption Through The Scriptures,its study guide and other many resources (only some below) and all our other D3 level resources are available on our D#3 Discipleship Digital Library. Considering the quality of resources, the audio/videos and many other resources, this is a fabulous resource.


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bookmarkThe theme of salvation is woven throughout the Bible, revealing God's plan for eternal life. Develop a deeper intimacy with the Lord and better fulfill your part of this great plan.


Introduction | Purpose

A.) The Redemptive Project (1-5)
Plan | Purpose | Proclamation | Scope | Need

B.) The Redemptive Purchase (6-10)
Design | Damage | Redeemer | Price | Payment

C.) The Redemptive Pleasure (11-14)

Delight | Determined | Desire | Deeper

A Redemptive Survey (15-16)
Survey: Redemptive Truths | Events


Like any magnificent work, whether in film, music or drama, a plot is slowly unfolded, one clever clue at a time, causing intrigue and wonder at what can or will be done. Each scene heightens the intensity until the final unveiling–when all becomes clear. Then everyone can enjoy the resolving of the intense plot, deliberating over the more intriguing scenes.

In the same way God’s redemptive story is being written over time, slowly integrating us all into this masterpiece. The gospel scene becomes the great unveiling but there still awaits the full climax at Christ’s return which keeps the final trump yet in the future.

What many of us do not understand is that we are part of this drama now being written. It is now being ‘filmed’ and each of us have our parts in this dramatic redemptive play which will be replayed through eternity, further unveiling the glory of God’s love and kindness in Christ Jesus.

Redemption Through the Scriptures highlights the glorious scenes of this redemptive plan of God revealed fully in Christ’s person and work but progressively revealed throughout the scriptures. Fine threads of detail finally are fully understood. God’s amazing compassion and goodness is wonderfully seen in the way God exercises His patience toward mankind, saves and delights in the sinful humans that He redeems.

The progression and purpose of redemptive revelation provides careful attention to how the redemption plan is being fulfilled in the lives of His people.

Each lesson features three to five scriptural passages representing various periods of the chronological development of this redemptive them (see following diagram). Each passage further unfolds the relevant theme while marching onward toward the majestic full revelation of these redemptive truths. This is not a study of Christ (i.e. Christology) nor of salvation (i.e. Soteriology) but a study of redemption inspired by biblical studies detailing the various ways this grand redemption plan of Christ and His work affects our lives.

Redemption Through the Scriptures


Allow the purpose of Christ's work on the cross and resurrection to deepen my affection for the Father and further commit myself to join Him in evangelizing the lost and developing disciples to do the work of God. 

Learn how Christian teaching on redemption becomes a major doctrinal theme from a close examination of key biblical passages as developed throughout the scriptures.

Wrestle with the deeper meaning behind each lesson to produce practical application to our lives (e.g. The knowledge of these truths help us ....)

Adjust the suggested lesson titles and biblical passages as desired but make sure they stay within the parameters of the lesson’s theme, purpose and distribution throughout the scriptures. Show how the passages support these specific teachings.

In the end we want to produce a good visual handle on God’s glorious redemptive plan. There are many ways of doing this including using charts. Each lesson will be tied into the overall progress both through the Bible as well as to this redemptive theme.


Redemption Through the Scriptures

A.) The Redemptive Project (1-5)

God’s plan reflects God’s person

#1 The Plan of Redemption

Ever wonder why Jesus needed to die to bring salvation? By taking a deeper look into the meaning and usage of the word ‘redemption’, the intricacy and relevancy of the salvation plan becomes a powerful force in our lives.

#2 The Purpose of Redemption

God was not content to merely create a army of workers but restored us as intimate friends with Him forever so that we could engage in all sorts of projects together. There is, perhaps, no better place to see this than in the Old and New Covenants that God put in place to restore that special partnership between Him and His people.

#3 The Proclamation of Redemption

God differently relates to individuals. This is especially seen in how He speaks to them. However much God speaks to us, we need to understand and embrace His thoughts (i.e. truth) to make them ours. Each word from Him indicates something significant in the way He is revealing and completing His ultimate plans.

#4 The Scope of Redemption

The Scope of Redemption shows that God all along had in mind having a great number of people fellowshipping and cooperating with Him. This is the great family of God comprised of people from the various cultures spread across time and the globe called the church.

#5 The Need for Redemption

The Need for Redemption reveals God’s kingship and authority over mankind was given to Adam but then subverted to Satan. God regained control by becoming man and living uprightly. Now Christ rules.

B.) The Redemptive Purchase (6-10)

God’s plan requires design and sacrifice

#6 The Design of Redemption

The Design of Redemption shows how redemption was planned before time began. Prophecies is God’s consistent way of seeding promises and hope into His people’s minds notifying them of His plans. There are literally hundreds of them depending on whether a verse can contain several prophecies.

#7 The Damage Requiring Redemption

The Damage Requiring Redemption reveals that without sin there is no need for redemption. Without the fall, there is no redemptive lift. Although Satan temporarily seems to frustrate God’s plan to have a group of people devoted to Him and be glad in His presence, God unveils an encompassing plan that defeats Satan’s worst plans and unfolds His wonderful eternal redemptive plan.

#8 The Redeemer & Mediator

The Redeemer & Mediator shows how people sure need God’s help. Man’s sin brought all of mankind into a desperate way. Fortunately, God has and does intervene. He waits for man’s cry and intercedes for the people, bringing intervention from the impact of sin and judgment.

#9 The Price of Redemption

The Price of Redemption takes us through the Old and New Testament scriptures looking at why Jesus needed to die to save us. In this study we will carefully examine the price for redemption and the reasons that faith in Jesus’ death on the cross can only take away our sins–not other religions, sacrifices, saviors or good works. “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me”” (John 14:6).

#10 The Payment (Preciousness) of Redemption

The sacrifice was important but so were the altars where the sacrifice was offered. There is an interesting series of links to the place where Jesus would be offered up–all part of God’s design.

God’s plan is fulfilled in the church

The Preciousness of Redemption takes us beyond the stream of sacrifices offered throughout the history of man point towards God’s great offering. The several signs studied here are specially designed to unravel special truths about God’s special and yet costly redemptive plan. In this lesson we will discover how two very different Old Testamen

#11 Delight in Joint Service

God’s purpose is not just to reign but to create a great host of people to co-rule with Him both in the declaration of His Word, living a life inflamed by God’s holy presence and compassionately interceding on the behalf of the weak and needy. Redemption cannot be understood unless we see its greater purpose fulfilled in the fellowship and joint service of God’s people.

#12 Determined to Share His Holiness

God has made us His own and therefore busies Himself to train us for holiness to live in His holy presence (Hebrews 12:4-11). Redemption does not make us perfect but perfectly enables us to walk in the Spirit to complete God’s will for our lives. Only by sharing His holiness can God speak to us without an accompanying judgment.

#13 Desire for a Loving Relationship

God wants us to love Him! Why? So that we might rightly respond to God and enjoy our life now and in Him. God wants His people to be filled with peace and joy (1 Th 5:18). As we are loved, then we can love one another.

#14 Deeper into Fellowship with our Lord

God's greatest joy is for us to come into His presence where we can share in His blessings and joy and bear His fruit. It is from this learned security in His presence where God's people largely learn to love others.

A Redemptive Summary (15-16)

#15 Summary of Redemptive Act

Show how the truths grow throughout Biblical revelation.

God is chief Designer of the scriptures. Since one of our chief purposes is to provide a survey of the Bible, we will look at the whole Bible in one class and show how the Bible fits together as a glove, each part making a special contribution to the overall redemptive view of the Scriptures.

Purpose of attempted Grace, the act of redemptive grace, fulfillment of redemptive grace.

This is a chronological approach before what was but need to be done in time redemption,  and then what would be in the church, heading into eternity.

#16 Summary of Redemptive Restoration

Interweave redemptive themes through time

The Lord chose to reveal His glorious person through His special redemptive works. This overview of the theme of redemption interweaves its many aspects and puts emphasis on the importance of God’s overall plan.

Scriptures typically quoted from the New American Standard Bible unless noted: (C) Copyright The Lockman Foundation 1988

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