John 7:37-39 Rivers of Living water



Living Water

John 7:37-39

–A Study on Spiritual Life–

See the article on John 7:37-39 for answers.

Bible Study Questions

  1. 'What day did Jesus made the proclamation in John 7:37-39? What was the significance of that day?  Bonus: List the 7 festivals of the Hebrew redemptive calendar.

  2. What verses did they close the ceremony of that day? Share at least two things that are significant about those verses regarding Christ the Messiah.

  3. Why don’t people recognize their thirsts? Why is this so bad?

  4. What soul thirsts do you know of people around you? Do you have any?

  5. What are the two things Jesus tells people to do in order to quench their spiritual thirsts?

  6. Is coming to Jesus and coming to church the same? Why or why not? What then does ‘come to Me’ mean?

  7. What does ‘drink’ describe? How can we allow the Holy Spirit make a bigger impact on our lives?

  8. Is the baptism of the Holy Spirit come at a different time then when the believer gets the Holy Spirit at salvation? What do these verses say about this?

  9. List three symbols for the Holy Spirit and what they stand for.

  10.  What is significant about the use of ‘river’ to describe the Spirit’s work in our lives?

  11. Why is describing Christ in a Christian’s life a crutch wrong?

  12.  Why is it that Christians seem to have dry thirsty lives when they should be like abounding rivers?

  13.  What steps can a Christian take to restore the flow of the rivers of the Spirit in their lives?

See the study on John 7:37-39 for answers.

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