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Righteousness without Compromise

"Only a little sin won't matter."

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Compromise was very costly in this person's life!



1 & 2 Samuel

1 and 2 Samuel

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1 Samuel 8

Paul J. Bucknell

The Compromise for a King

A. Compromise (1-8) | B. Consequences (9-18) | C. Insistent (19-22)
Handout | Bible Study Questions 1 Samuel 8:1-22 | Podcast

The study of 1 Samuel 8 provides great insight into why God’s people end up living in a less than ideal situation.

What about your life? Have you somehow compromised? Have you insisted on something and found out (or just now finding it out) that what you thought would be better became a cause for more concern?

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A. Rejection of the Lord
1 Samuel 8:1-8

B. Tough Consequences
1 Samuel 8:9-18

C. Insistent on One's Own Ways
1 Samuel 8:19-22


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