People have given up hope on overcoming worry

Worry AboundsOvercome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God

People have given up hope on overcoming worry. Don't get me wrong. Anxiety is a very important topic. Books have been published, web sites established and millions of drug prescriptions have been written each year – all for anxiety.

We are convinced there is no solution to it. We put up with it. And life goes on. It is much like make-up. We put a little on here and there. Then we get on with life. We cover up the problem.

But times are changing. Many are not able to cope with the increasing number of troubles around us. Our worries are increasing, and our lives are beginning to unravel. If it was temporary, maybe it would be okay. But what is everyone saying?

"Life will never be the same again."

Because of this many more of us are willing to see what God says about worry.

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